♦ Dimensions:210 X 290 mm

♦ Voltage:5V

♦ Temperature range :45~50℃

♦ Power sources that can be used directly: USB interface of a computer, USB charger of a mobile phone, or other digital products such as mobile power, or an automotive USB charging port.



♦ Product Features

1.Simple structure

2.Low cost

3.long life, absolutely safe

4.This heater is water resistant.



♦ Applications

The USB heating pad is used as a ready-made heating blanket, heating mat, harm prevention belt, hand warmer, knee support, shoulder support, neck support, or back support, etc. The heat generated by the pad is insulated so the heat inside is preserved.



♦ Usages

Check if the heating pad is in good condition before using.  Connect it to a USB output power port rated at 5V / 2A or more. The pad can be equipped with USB mobile power or a No.3 AA 4-cell battery box when on the go.

In the event of an emergency, unplug the DC connector from the USB power jack.



♦ Precautions

① Do not use during a thunderstorm


② Do not allow unattended use on children or on anyone not capable of operating the equipment themselves. High-risk patients (high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.) are prohibited. Do not use while sleeping to prevent low-temperature burns.


 Make sure that the heating part is flat.

④ Do not cut.



※ The company can accept any custom-made size. The length of the USB wire can be customized. The pad design can also be customized to work more efficiently over various temperature ranges. 





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